Majestic AK14 Air Kit

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Are you tired of subpar performance from your combustible stove? Does your stove burn at a less-than-desirable level when you turn on other units such as a clothes dryer or bathroom fan? You may be in need an air kit for your stove. The Majestic AK14 Air Kit supplies fresh air to your stove to keep the flames burning brightly when it can't get enough oxygen from the room it functions in, and the supply of outside air can avoid negative pressure inside your home. This 25 lb. outside air kit comes with the same sterling reputation that accompanies all Majestic products, and it has been tested 100% for quality and function.


  • 25 lbs.
  • Outside air kit
  • Improve performance of your stove
  • Tested rigorously for function and quality
  • For use with other Majestic (and its subsidiaries) products
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