Majestic CAK5A Chimney Air Kit For Sl400 Or Sl1100 Series Pipe

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If you have or are adding a chimney to your home, one thing to keep in mind is a chimney air kit. For those living in Canada, you should be aware that if you have a chimney, you are required to have a chimney air kit. Majestic has designed the CAK5A Chimney Air Kit as a perfect match for the Sl400 Or Sl1100 Series Pipe. This additional feature services as a means of minimizing any side-effects of negative pressure buildup within the chimney. It facilitates the airflow from inside the chimney to outside of your home and weighs only 6 pounds.

Required for Vent Systems in Canada


  • Outside air kit
  • 6 pound chimney air kit
  • Designed for SL400 or SL1100 series pipe
  • Required in Canada
  • Majestic CAK5A
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Additional Information

Product Type:
Fireplace Chimney
Weight(in pounds):
6 pounds
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