Majestic AK24 Outside Air Kit

1.00 LBS
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The Majestic AK24 Outside Air Kit is designed to be used with a stove or fireplace. It facilitates the airflow from outside your home and into your appliance to aid in the oxidation of fuel. Your stove or fireplace fuel is in need of oxygen to complete the natural process that leads to the giving off of heat or light. A room that is well-insulated or perhaps designed very air-tight, although ideal for your air-conditioning system and electricity bill, might not supply a consistent amount of oxygen that would be required to start a fire. Once this Outside Air Kit is installed, you will be able to tell a difference with how well your stove or fireplace works.


  • Flex not included
  • Weighs 11 pounds
  • Majestic AK24
  • Best used in air-tight rooms
  • Outside air kit
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Additional Information

Product Type:
Fireplace Chimney
Weight(in pounds):
11 Pounds
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