Real Fyre 24-Inch Vent-Free Live Oak Log Set (LP Propane Gas)

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Enjoy all of the beauty, comfort and warmth of Peterson Real Fyre gas logs with no venting. Advance Technology with a burn efficiency of over 99 Percent allows this Peterson Real Fyre (7-Logs) Log Set to be burned with the damper closed. All Unvented sets include authentic wood stack, dancing flames and substantial heat to warm the room. The full natural flames use a minimum of gas, offering money saving fuel efficiency for use in an existing solid fuel burning fireplace, to burn with the damper closed for reliable, supplemental heat. (May also be used in certified vent-free fireplaces) This Peterson Real Fyre unvented Log Set includes 7 beautiful Ceramic Refractory Logs, Glowing Embers and New for 2016, Platinum Embers, to provide the realistic look of a real wood burning fire. This unvented Log Set also comes equipped with an advanced Oxygen Depletion Sensor (ODS) safety Pilot system. The ODS senses the amount of oxygen available in the room and automatically shuts the burner system off before the oxygen level drops below an unsafe level. This Log Set is also equipped with an adjustable control valve allowing you to adjust both the flame height as well as the heat output from a warm glow of 21,000 BTUs to a Toasty 36,000 BTUs (This Log Set is for Use with LP Propane Gas Only)

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