Quick Panels™

Industry leading Quick Panels™ by DIY BBQ allow you to build your own BBQ Island in minutes. We offer pre-squared panels to allow you to assemble your BBQ Island with ease. Each kit contains 4 Quick Panels™ to build a module. The kits work just like our unassembled frame kits where you use any cut out kit. Instead of building the walls, we have done this step for you. Build your module in minutes.

Each kit includes:

  • 4 Quick Panel™ walls that are presquared for easy assembly
  • Module squaing kit
  • Fastners
  • Step by Step directions
  • Video Tutorials

Please note that quick panels do not ship free, they ship at a flat $99 rate per order to anywhere in the continental US. You will need to purchase just one quick panel shipping per order.


DIY BBQ Quick Panel™ Round Corner Module

$300.00 As low as $225.00

DIY BBQ Round Corner Modular Frame Section Standard Height. Our kits are designed with you in mind. Cement board is 36" by 60" so having a 36" height takes away a lot of the unnecessary cutting away.Included in each kit: Module wall squaring kit...

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