Monessen TV11T Round Telescoping Top Vent Cap Decorative Shrouds - SL1100

1.00 LBS
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Sometimes a vent cap just isn't enough. Some homes look better with a shroud adorning the top of the chimney. The Majestic TV11T Round Telescoping Top Vent Cap is specifically designed to be used with decorative shrouds. You can enjoy the elegance of a decorative shroud as well as the protection of a sturdy termination cap at the top of your chimney. Termination caps help to keep out falling debris, birds, and even the elements out of your chimney and your home. And the decorative shroud adds a finished touch of beauty that will be enjoyed by homeowner and neighbors alike!


  • Round telescopig top vent cap
  • Designed for use with decorative shrouds
  • Termination cap
  • 19 lbs.

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Fireplace Chimney
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