Hearth and Home Technologies HHT Majestic and Monessen Gas Log Sets and Stoves Pilot Assembly-NG (SRV14D0473)

1.00 LBS
Our Price: $94.99
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Replacement Pilot Assembly - NG for Lexington Forge, Majestic, Martin, and Monessen Gas Stoves and Gas Log Sets. Fits the following models: Lexington Forge Gas Stoves: C28VF SS28VF Majestic Gas Stoves: 24VFSC 32VFHC 32VFSC 33ISDG 36VFHC 42VFHC CSVF20S CSVF30S VFCS20D VFCS30D Majestic Log Sets: 18HVFL 18NB 18TPB 18VL 24NB 24TPB 24VL 30TPB 30VL Martin Gas Stoves: 24VFS 32VFH 33ISD-VL 36VFH 42VFH VFSS Martin Log Sets: 18VLS 24VLS Monessen Gas Stoves: AVFL42NTSC AVFL42PTSC CFX24 CSVF20SNV CSVF30SNV DFC32 DFC36 DFC42 DFS3224 DFS3224A DFS32A DFS36 DFS36A DFS36C DFS36NVC DFS36PVC DFS42 DFS42C DFX24C DFX32 DIS33 DIS33C DIS33D DIS33G DSS DZC36 DZS36 MCFS36 VFCS20DNV VFCS30DNV Monessen Log Sets: DCS DEB24 DEB30 DL18 Millivolt DL24/28 Millivolt DLX18 Millivolt DLX18B Millivolt DLX24/28 Millivolt DLX24/28B Millivolt DLY18 DNF18 DNF24 DST30 DYD18 DYD24 DYS18 DYS24 EYF18 HVFL18 MJ27R NB18 NB24 TPB18 TPB30
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