Cal Flame Replacement Control Knob Bezel

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Cal Flame Replacement Control Knob Bezel

All Cal Flame models are manufactured with the highest quality appliances and are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship at time of delivery. LMS warrants barbecue grills and associated hardware from deterioration, corrosion, and defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from the original date of delivery, with the exception of plastic items and glass light covers, which are warranted for 90 days. 

Extent of Warranty 

This limited warranty is only valid on Cal Flame models delivered in the United States or Canada and extends through the selling dealer to the original purchaser at the original site of installation. This warranty becomes valid at time of delivery and ends either by specified time-frame listed above or upon owner transfer or relocation.
Warranty Performance
In the event of a malfunction or defect covered under the terms of this warranty, contact either the selling dealer or a local contractor or service technician. Depending on your needs, this may be a contractor qualified to repair stone and tile or a service agent licensed to repair gas or electrical appliances. In the event the consumer is unable to obtain satisfactory customer service from the selling dealer or service agent, written notification must be given to the LMS Customer Relations Department within 30 days of the reported failure. There will be no charge for parts on a covered item. 
Cost of labor is the responsibility of the owner. Shipping and handling charges will apply to all warranted 
replacement parts. The service agent may assess a reasonable travel or mileage charge per service call. 
If LMS determines that repair of a covered item is not feasible, LMS reserves the right to replace the 
defective merchandise with merchandise equal in value to the original purchase price. Warranty repair and / 
or replacement are the sole discretion of LMS and this warranty does not cover costs therein, including but 
not limited to: freight, removal, re-installation, etc.This warrant is non-transferable and may not be extended beyond the above mentioned time frames under any circumstances, by any of LMSâ??s representatives.

Warranty Limitations

The stainless steel grill hood, stainless steel grill racks, and the optional fabric grill cover are not covered by this warranty.
This warranty is void if the barbecue grill has been subject to negligence, alteration, misuse, repairs, dings, dents, scratches, or incorrect and / or prohibited applications, as specified in the ownerâ??s manual. Gas lines must be installed by a licensed plumber only or local gas company agent. Incorrect electrical installation by unlicensed electricians, service by nonLMS authorized representatives, acts of God and other cases beyond the control of LMS are not covered by 
this warranty. Please refer to the ownerâ??s manual for examples of exclusions and common acts invalidating 
this warranty.

This limited warranty applies only to barbecue grills and associated hardware used for personal, family, and outdoor household purposes. This warranty does not apply to labor charges on grills, replacement  parts and hardware. This limitation is retroactive and applies to all grills and hardware manufactured from 2000 and hereafter.

Examples of common acts invalidating this warranty include but are not limited to:

â?¢ Scratches caused by normal use.
â?¢ Damage caused by extreme weather conditions (hot, cold, etc.)
â?¢ Damage caused by salty and humid conditions (especially in beach or seaside communities)
â?¢ Damage caused by dirt, sand, and/or water damage.
â?¢ Damage caused by continued operation of the barbecue with either known or unknown problems.
â?¢ Damage caused by direct sunlight.
â?¢ Damage caused as a result of failure to follow the operating instructions as defined in this ownerâ??s manual.

This limited warranty applies only to barbecues normally used for personal, family, or household purposes and specifically excludes rental or commercial applications.

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