Grill Maintenance Key to Years of Enjoyment

When you make a decision to purchase a new car, you likely consider the car an investment- something you'll probably have for many years. You garage it, if possible keep it cleaned and get regular service on iit to protect your investment, because you understand that byu providing regular maintenance on it, you ensure it will last and serve your needs well into the future.

Care, cleaning and Maintenace of all gas appliances is necessary and it especial important for outdoor products.

Take like burning off residual food/grease particles and cleaning the cooking grids should be performed each time the grill is used. Cleaning interior componenets also needs to be done on periodic basis including a "deep cleaning" at least annually, to unclog the burner ports so foods cook evenly, without hotspots. In general, a well-maintained grill is ultimately more hygienic and can even be helpful in keeping critters out of the grill housing.

Sep 01, 2022

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