Do-It-Yourself Doesn’t Always Mean Do It "Yourself"

Do-It-Yourself Doesn’t Always Mean Do It "Yourself"

With the advent of the internet, do-it-yourself projects have grown exponentially over the last two decades. After all, having a limitless amount of tutorials on almost every subject at your fingertips makes it really easy to do anything you want without spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a professional.

However, choosing to do anything by yourself, without help or assistance from anyone else, can sometimes lead to problems that cost you more than if you had hired a professional from the beginning. That’s not to say you shouldn’t do it yourself; it simply means know your limitations, set your ego aside, and seek help when needed.

At DIY BBQ, we pride ourselves on the ease at which you can build your very own barbecue island. With easy-to-follow instructions and top-of-the-line, quality material, just about anyone can become the master of building their backyard barbecue.

That doesn’t mean, though, that you should do it alone. Going solo may make you feel accomplished, but there is a lot more to putting together a barbecue island than simply screwing a few pieces of steel together. Here are a few reasons why getting help will make all the difference when building your perfect barbecue island.

1. Heavy Materials

It’s almost second nature to ask your friends and family to help if you’re moving furniture or heavy boxes. So why wouldn’t it be the same when building your barbecue island? The modules you build are easy to put together but can become quite heavy and not so easy to move. Instead of blowing out your back and spending hundreds of dollars on medical bills, get a friend or family member to help you move the pieces into place.

2. Plumbing and Electrical

If part of your dream barbecue includes a refrigerator or sink, it means you may need to add or redirect plumbing or electrical fixtures. No matter how much you think you may know about plumbing and electrical from watching YouTube videos, it’s always best practice to hire a professional electrician and plumber to make sure those elements are done right so you don’t end up paying for it later.

3. Construction and Finishing

The modules you build from DIY BBQ are simply the bones of your barbecue. You will still need plenty of finishing materials, such as wood, slate, rock, stone, and granite to complete the island. Most of this can be done alone, of course, but if you are not a contractor, it’s probably a good idea to ask a friend or family member who’s familiar with construction to help choose the right materials and appliances and help install them correctly so your island will last far beyond your expiration date.

DIY BBQ is happy to answer any questions you have or assist you in purchasing the modules, cutouts, appliances, and finishing material to make your barbecue a fitting addition to your home. Call us now at 800-289-3492.

Feb 15, 2023 DIY BBQ

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