5 Reasons to Get an Outdoor Patio Heater

5 Reasons to Get an Outdoor Patio Heater

As anything else in life, there are plenty of options to choose from when deciding to heat your patio during the winter months. Fireplaces and fire pits can add a nice aesthetic to your backyard patio and space heaters can give a single person a bite of heat in a small area, but when it comes to packing your whole patio with a constant wave of heat, investing in a patio heater is the way to go.

Aside from being affordable, efficient, and able to save energy, here are five reasons to choose a patio heater.

The ability to host gatherings outdoors during colder months

If you love having family and friends over for backyard fun over the summer, a patio heater will bring that same spice to the winter. Firepits may be aesthetically pleasing, but will force your guests to stand in specific, isolated areas to keep warm. Not with a patio heater, which is designed to keep much larger areas warm so guests can be relaxed and comfortable anywhere they please.

Allow you to control the amount of heat produced

Unlike live fires, patio heaters allow you to control how much heat is produced. Whereas live fire emits most of its heat upward, producing very little heat in the surrounding areas, the design of a patio heater pushes radiant heat down and around, generally in a 360-degree area. You can also adjust the amount of heat produced, so depending on the weather, you can always be as comfortable as possible.

Patio heaters can be setup anywhere

Though natural gas heaters must be professionally installed (so they cannot be moved), electric and propane heaters are easily maneuverable, allowing you to position your heaters anywhere you need them at any given moment. Things to consider: Although electric heaters are much more inexpensive and eco-friendlier to use, they will need to remain near an outlet or use potentially harmful extension cords. Propane heaters require more expansive propane that will need to be refilled depending on the amount of use.

No smoke or embers

Live fires that burn wood will always be a hazard, as there is no way around the production of embers and smoke. Patio heaters, on the other hand, act more like a gas log fire and do not emit any dangerous smoke or embers. Things to consider: Patio heaters emit a considerable amount of Co2, so you will want to make sure your patio area is open or well-vented.

No naked flames

Patio heaters are designed to keep the flames contained so you get all the heat while keeping the flames out of reach of pets and children.

DIYBBQ can help you choose the right patio heater for your space. Give us a call and get your patio warmed up for the winter.

Oct 19, 2022 DIY BBQ

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