Majestic FS540 30 Degree Firestop Spacer - 11 Inch Diameter

1.00 LBS
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Majestic firestops are a wonderful accessory for keeping your home safe because they protect the ceiling, walls, and floors that your vent piping must pass through. Using the correct spacer with your firestop is also essential, however, and the Majestic FS 540 30 Degree Firestop Spacer -- 11 Inch Diameter will work with your firestop to provide safe insulation for the heat. This 30-degree spacer is part of a full line of certified spacers for any angle or direction, and the included vent pipe support pieces will keep your vent piping stable. Use the 11-inch firestop spacer with Majestic fireplaces/stoves and firestops.


  • 4 lbs.
  • 30-degree firestop
  • Includes vent pipe support pieces
  • 11-inch diameter
  • Works with your firestop to keep your home safe
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Additional Information

Product Type:
Fireplace Chimney
4 inch
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