Majestic DTS134-CP Decorative Termination Square 34 Inch

1.00 LBS
Our Price: $1,549.00
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Finding the right products for your home can be a challenge. Homeowners know how much there is out there but also how easy it is to buy the wrong thing. You can be assured that any Majestic product you bring into your home is a quality item. Majestic not only offers appliances but the parts and pieces needed for your items to function well. The Majestic DTS134-CP Decorative Termination Square 34 Inch is one such item. It works as a vent pipe termination product. Made of faux copper, this decorative termination weighs 45 pounds. An adapter is mandatory for the use of it.


  • 34 inch
  • Square
  • Adapter use mandatory
  • Vent pipe termination
  • 45 pounds

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Product Type:
Fireplace Chimney
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