Fireplace 36-8DM 36" Double Wall Pipe

11.00 LBS
Our Price: $159.00
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36-8DM 36" Double Wall Pipe 

Wood burning pipe features: double wall or an inner and outer pipe. The outer pipe, made of galvanized steel, provides cooling air necessary to maintain safe chimney temperatures, while the inner pipe, made of stainless steel, emits the gases out of the fireplace. Double Wall Pipe is available in a variety of lengths from 12" to 48", diameter is 8" x 12 3/8". Whats more, standard double wall pipe can withstand temperatures up to 1700 degrees

Best of all, patented SnapLock design provides easy assembly for the qualified installer.

  • Pipe sections utilize a snap-lock design for easy installation.
  • Pipe requires 2" clearance to combustibles.
  • 8DM pipe is an air-cooled chimney with a 8" inside diameter (30-gauge stainless steel) and a 12 3/8" diameter outer wall (28-gauge galvanized steel).
  • Pipe can not be altered. 
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