Vent-Free Gas Logs

Real Fyre Vent-free Evening Fyre Gas Logs - G18

$894.00 As low as $759.90

The Evening Fyre, Evening Fyre Charred and the Evening Fyre Split log sets are featured on the advanced G18 vent- free burner system. The logs are sculpted and hand- painted with distinctive charring on the front log, mimicking a wood fire. The dramatic...

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Real Fyre Vent-free Valley Oak Gas Logs - G8E

$514.00 As low as $436.90

Ideal for smaller fireplaces, the Valley Oak logs are featured on the G8E Vent-Free burner system. Simple in design and function, this reliable system includes a 9,500 BTU’s model designed for bedrooms (where permitted by code) or the standard...

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