Majestic SKFS2A/25 Firestops Straight-Up Wood Burning Chimneys

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Majestic knows that chimneys might seem to be a magnet for accessories, but after all, this should not come as any real surprise. Since it is designed to serve in esthetic and practical capacities, it would make sense that you would need several different supporting items to help it out in both regards. The Set of 25 Firestops is designed for Straight-Up Wood Burning Chimneys, helping you improve your fireplaces efficiency without costing you an arm and a leg.


  • Set of twenty-five firestops designed for use with Majestic series SK8 wood burning flue pipe
  • These firestops are only for use with flues that run straight up and down
  • This or another firestop is required at each floor level and/or attic in a multi-story installation
  • Satisfies the unique requirements that go along with venting a wood burning fireplace or insert
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Fireplace Chimney
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