Majestic NCKSK Wood Burning Flue Northern Climate Kit

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If you live in an exceptionally cold environment, you know the importance of a solid, insulated chimney. If you need an added layer of winter protection, though, you can reinforce your Double-Wall Wood-Burning Chimney Pipes with an 8 inch diameter with this Majestic NCK-SK Northern Climate Kit. It is compatible with Majestic vent piping with an 8 inch diameter, and it is intended for units manufactured before 3/16/2015. This affordable Majestic NCK-SK Northern Climate Kit weighs 5 lbs. and boosts the efficiency of your stove, which in turn will help keep you warm. Choose this cold climate ventilation kit today.


  • Cold climate ventilation kit
  • 5 lbs.
  • For units manufactured before 3/16/2015
  • Compatible with 8 inch ventilation pipes
  • Tested by Majestic
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Fireplace Chimney
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