Majestic FS2A Firestop for Straight-Up Chimneys

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Majestic thinks that the chimney is not just the only concern that you need to have during the installation process. Possibly, one of the biggest concerns that you should have is figuring out how it will not only be secured to the roof but also bent all of the smoke to the outside. With the FS2A Firestop for Straight-Up Chimneys, you have a product that is designed to answer all of these questions for people who have 8 Inch Triple-Wall and 11 Inch Double-Wall Wood-Burning Chimney Pipes installed in their home.


  • Firestop for straight-up chimneys
  • Required at each floor level of a chimney installation
  • For 8 inch Majestic Triple-Wall and 11 inch Majestic Double-Wall Wood-Burning Chimney Pipes
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Product Type:
Fireplace Chimney
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