Majestic FS2100-HT Attic Insulation Shield Wood-Burning Chimney Pipes

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Majestic not only produces supplies that are designed to make your fireplace work effectively but also to protect your home as well. The Attic Insulation Shield is designed primarily to insure that your attic is protected from your fireplace, making sure that your 8 Inch Triple-Wall and 11 Inch Double-Wall Wood-Burning Chimney Pipes are able to provide your fireplace with excellent service without jeopardizing your home in the process of going about its daily business.


  • Prevents attic insulation from coming into contact with chimney pipe
  • For use with 8 inch Majestic Triple-Wall and 11 inch Majestic Double-Wall Wood-Burning Chimney Pipes
  • Required for through-attic installations in Canada
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Product Type:
Fireplace Chimney
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