Majestic 7TRVHT/8 Horizontal Vent Termination Twist Lock Vent Pipe

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If the Set of 8 Horizontal Vent Hot Touch Termination for 7 inch Twist Lock Vent Pipe offers a homeowner anything, it's unparalleled convenience compared to any other chimney, flue, or venting component on the market. That, or possibly unbeatable value, quality, and intelligent design that makes the Twist Lock system compatible with all other Twist Lock components. Or durability. One of those things.

Regardless of your reasons, you simply can't beat Twist Lock vent pipes' simple locking joint system that easily joins your venting component to the 7 inch diameter pipe of other Twist Lock components. There's nothing not to like, it makes your life easier, and you don't have to worry that something so important might not last as long as you'd like.

But you don't have to take our word for it. You can listen to the thousands of homeowners and chimney professionals who use and swear by Majestic Twist Lock vent pipe and components. Once you find out how much they love it, it's hard to imagine using anything other than the Set of 8 Horizontal Vent Hot Touch Termination for 7 inch Twist Lock Vent Pipe to complete your installation.


  • Set of 8 horizontal vent hot touch termination kits for Twist Lock vent pipe
  • Includes siding shield and firestop
  • 7 inch diameter joins easily with other Twist Lock pipe sections
  • When joining with other Twist Lock pipe, caulk or tape and metal screws are needed to join
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Fireplace Chimney
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