Empire Direct Vent Fireplaces

Empire Innsbrook Direct-Vent Inserts

As low as $1,600.20

Innsbrook Direct-Vent Inserts (DVC)Our Innsbrook Direct-Vent inserts feature optional liners andhand-painted ceramic fiber logs, nestled atop the variable flameheight burner, to create an exceptionally attractive traditionalfireplace. With inputs of...

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Empire Luxury Innsbrook Direct-Vent Inserts

As low as $2,487.60

Luxury Innsbrook Direct-Vent Inserts (DXT)The Luxury Innsbrook insert features a modern clean-face look a-without visible louvers and with the front-mounted valve andcontrol module neatly concealed behind the surround. The large viewwindow (400 sq. in...

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Empire Luxury Loft Direct-Vent Inserts

As low as $2,242.80

Luxury Loft Direct-Vent Inserts (DXL)The unique diamond-pattern burner in our Luxury Loftcontemporary insert serves as a blank slate, inviting you to adddecorative glass in the colors and styles that best suit yourdData Sheet Loft_Contmp._Inserts.pdf

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