Do It Yourself Pizza Oven 6# Ceramic Fiber Blanket

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Harbison Walker 6# Ceramic Fiber Blanket

  • Wrapping your oven with Ceramic Fiber Blanket will allow your oven to heat quicker and retain the heat longer than w/out CFB.
  • If you get a hairline crack on the inside of your oven, the blanket prevents the hairline crack from showing on the outside of the oven.
  • 2 layers of blanket costs less than a 2nd row of firebrick (each box contains enough blanket for 2 layers).
  • Your oven can be 900 Degrees inside.. and be cool to the touch on the outside!
  • The blanket can be applied and secured in about 30 minutes while a 2nd layer of firebrick takes 4 - 5 hours..
  • COUNTLESS finishing options can be applied to an oven with the blanket / stucco shell
    • Thin Brick / Brick Veneer
    • Stone Veneer
    • Painted Finish
    • Tile
    • Fireplace Combo
    • Almost any type of Finish!


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