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Do It Yourself Barbecue Kits Are Easy To Install and Order From DIY BBQ

Our BBQ Island frame kits are superior to our competition's frame kits because we only use high quality steel framing that is manufactured exclusively for us. This means that every piece is not just cut or chopped, like others, but manufactured to our specs., thicker then 20 gauge structural steel. No training is required for Installation any homeowner can easily assemble our kits with minimal tools.

Our BBQ Island frame kits make it very easy for you to design your own outdoor kitchen. You can have your frame kits picked out and ready for purchase in 4 EASY steps:

  1. Figure out the size and shape of your BBQ Island by asking yourself a few questions. Do you want an 'L' shaped island or just a Straight island? What length and depth of island would you like? What appliances do you plan on installing? The best thing about out modules are that you will make sure that every appliance you plan on installing will fit in your island. This is accomplished by each module being sized to your item. For example, if your island is going to have a 5 burner grill, side burner and refrigerator you will need a 48" module, 24" module and 36" module. Have questions on sizing? Email us at We will will coach you in the design of your outdoor kitchen at no charge.
  2. If you are building a 'L' island you need to decide what type of corner module you need. Are you going for a 'L' with a 90 degree bend or would you like to have a 45 degree bend? Would you like the sink module kit that gives a 90 degree bend but makes the inside corner of the bend a nicer angle? Have questions on what type of corner module you need? Email us at
  3. Order your appliance cutout kits. If you purchase your equipment from us we include the cutout kits for Free. If you are using equipment purchased somewhere else just order your cutout kits.
  4. Decide what upgrades you would like for the BBQ island. Do you want a split bar counter kit, footrest, or just a back splash? What is convenient about our BBQ island frame kits is that every upgrade will work with every frame module. When ordering the bar counter, foot rest or back splash they are sold by the linear foot. If you want a 10 foot bar counter you will just change the quantity from 1 to 10. The back splash and foot rest are ordered in the same way.

DIY BBQ Two Island Frame kits

$1,799.99 As low as $1,299.99

This is a custom designed outdoor kitchen kit that includes two BBQ island frame kits.250Island #1 (96" in length X 32" in depth X 36" in height)(bar center)-Frame(2) 30" module(1) 36" module-Appliance cut-out kits(1)Fridge(2)Sink(1)Double...

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DIY BBQ Warming Drawer Cut Out Kit Up To 34"

$49.99 $39.99

This is an appliance cut out kit for a warming drawer with a cut out of up to 34". With our appliance cut out kits there is no guessing every kit is sized perfectly and east to trim to your appliance.This kit includes:- Left and right side studs - Front...

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DIYBBQ-Josh Package

$10,999.99 $9,499.99

(1) 6ft module (1) 90 degree corner module (2) 4ft module http://www.diybbq...

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(1) 60" module(1) 90 degree corner(2) 44" module(3) Vents(4) Boxes of screwsCal Flame 5 burner grillw/free cover, smoker box, sear zone Cal Flame 30" double doorsCal Flame refrigeratorCal Flame kegaratorCal flame 18" door Cal Flame 3 drawer DIY BBQ pull...

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Everything 'U' Need BBQ Island

As low as $8,799.99

(4) 6ft modules(1) 4ft module (bottom of the U with the egg)(12) Bar kits(13) L brackets (4) SummerSet Vents Blaze 40 grill non-LTEBlaze ComboBlaze 2x side burnerBlaze 4.1 outdoor fridgePacific pizza oven(2) Blaze double doorsPrimo XLRCS Sink

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Flordia Blaze Dream 10ft Island

$4,499.99 As low as $3,649.99

DIY BBQ Quick panel modules with Blaze equipment package. This is the perfect combination of equipment and frame kits to build your dream outdoor kitchen. This package incluces: (2) Quick Panel 4ft Modules (1) Quick Panel 2ft module Blaze 32" grill...

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$8,999.99 As low as $6,199.99

This package includes(4) 36" modules (3) 45 degree corners (1) 48" module (24) Back Splash Cal Flame 5 burner grill w/free cover, smoker box, sear zone and bottle of rub Cal Flame 30" double doors Cal Flame refrigerator...

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Jody L Isalnd


(1) Sink Corner Module(1) 6ft module std height (67")(3) 5ft module std height (2 with 16" depth)(4) Over Hang kitsFire Magic Equipment E1060i4E1NW (View Window)60VH6 60" vent hoodSink and Faucet- 3587 and 358853930S-12- Door drawer comboRefrigerator-...

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